Modify an order

Case 1: Confirm the order purchase but not make payment
In some cases customer want to change the order information, such as add or reduce some product, or change productor update shipping options after they just placed the order but have not payment(the order status is "Waiting for Payment Or Cancelled").
Login your account in website and reorder the order.

Case 2: Confirm the order purchase and complete the payment for the order
In diesem Fall, if customers find they have make some mistake and want to make some changes for the order, please contact us,
When could not be modify for an order?
Once an order is shipped, it would not allow making any modification the order information. If you need to change the order information, for example, the product quantity, shipping address etc. be sure doing it within 24 hours.

Cancel an order

When could it be canceled for an order?
We usually arrange shipment within 24 hours(some times,such as holidays,it will delay) after payment confirmed. If you need to cancel an order,you must contact us within 24 hours after you placed the order

Who can cancel the order?
An order can be canceled by our customer service according to customer request. After the order is canceled, customer will receive an email about the cancellation.

When the order could not be canceled?
Please note that once an order status is marked "Shipped". it can not be canceled. View order "Cancel" status, Once the order is canceled the order status is marked "Canceled". Customer can view orders status in "Recent Orders" section by login to "My Account" center,

Be sure to have your order number(contained in your order confirmation email)ready to send email to us for helping us quickly locate your order.